334 Plantation Road, Spencer, TN  38585         GPS Coordinates: N35 47.554  W85 17.016




The Caney Fork Ultra 40 miler AND the 20k will both start at 7:00 a.m CST on the Latimer Boy Scout Reservation. The address is 334 Plantation Rd, Spencer, Tn. 38585.

GPS coordinates for the race start are N35 47.554  W85 17.016


40 MILER: Race cutoff will be 13 hours (8:00p.m. CST). This means an average pace of 18.4 minute miles must be kept. You will not be able to hike the entire course and finish under cutoff. There will be several sections of the course that can be ran and will need to be if you want to stay under cutoff, four river crossings will need to be factored into your overall pace as well.

20K: Race cutoff will be 5 hours (12:00p.m. CST) This means an average pace of 24 minute miles must be kept. THIS WILL BE A HIKER FRIENDLY COURSE.

Aid Station Volunteers will have final say on allowing runners to continue on


Because of the number of Creek and River crossings involved, Drop Bags will be allowed at Aid Station 3 (Polly Branch aid station/mile 14.5) on the 40 mile course only


The Caney Fork Ultra is a CUPLESS EVENT. Runners will need to carry a pack or a handheld with them. This race is in August so no one will be allowed to start without one of these with them as well.


Littering of any kind will absolutely not be tolerated. Anyone found to be guilty of littering will not be allowed to participate in future Caney Fork Ultra events.


Pacers will not be allowed. Once you leave an Aid Station you are expected to carry everything you leave with to the next Aid Station yourself under your own power.


Sorry. No dogs will be allowed on the course by participants.


Unfortunately, there is no alcohol allowed on the Latimer Reservation Boy Scout property.